About Us

We are Girl Scout Troop #887. We are excited to host the Little Falls City Wide Garage Sales this year, as an effort to help with our fundraising goals. This year our troop participants are all at Cadette level, and we are starting on our Silver Award in Girl Scouts.



We are working on planning and setting up a pollinator/floral garden at the Morrison County Fairgrounds for the annual county fair in June. Because our troop will be funding all the additions for our project we are always looking for fun ideas to help raise money. Please feel free to stop at our garage sale this year, and ask us more about our Silver Award!


We look forward to hearing from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why May 10th – 13th?

We had a chance to review other local sale dates and choose this weekend, as Randall City Wide in the first weekend in May, and Pierz is May 18th – 20th (we spoke with the Pierz mayor to confirm our dates were NOT the same, per majority request)

Why are you doing an online map?
In an effort to keep our costs low, we are unable to run as many ads in print. The online map allows users to search and narrow down their results to find sales that have items specific to what they are looking for.

Why are you charging?
We are hosting the City Wide event this year in an effort to raise funds for our Silver Award project, as all materials are paid with troop funds only.

What if I don’t want to register online?
You may pick up a sale registration form at any location on our ‘Printed Maps’ page. These forms can be completed at your leisure and sent in.

When will printed maps be available?
Printed maps will be set out and available on May 5th. Sale registration will still be available after this date, but for online listing only.

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